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For the love of wild places

and kindred spirits

Welcome to my outdoor school, a place
dedicated to wilderness skills development, backcountry adventure travel and life in the outdoors.  Located on the western side of Algonquin Park and providing an educational platform for anyone who feels at home in nature and loves exploring vast forests and winding rivers with an eagerness to learn more about the fascinating​ resources and nature's ability to provide in our needs.  Programs are available for both individuals and groups, aimed at instilling confidence and competence through knowledgeable, realistic and experience-based teachings, encouraging any participant to start or continue their journey into the natural world in a safe, conscious and respectful manner.



Wilderness skills development courses for anyone interested in acquiring a higher level of confidence and self-reliance.  Learn fundamental safety for adventure travel and outdoor life in both theory and practice.  Build upon that foundation with hands-on skills training and practical applications in a base camp setting.

Adventure and wilderness skills go hand in hand.  Time to leave the comforts and conveniences of a base camp and journey into a wild place, traveling on the land, interacting with nature and applying what you've learned.  This will create a valuable experience and strengthen your judgment, planning and organizational capabilities for future adventures. 

Spend some quality time in nature and enjoy a relaxed educational and fully catered for experience in a peaceful, quiet and secluded spike camp or off-grid cabin in the bush.  Live and learn at nature's pace with a beautiful pond or forest view, and your very own private, comfortable space to retreat to in the evenings.

What customers are saying

Peter is a wilderness teacher in the truest sense.  He always begins from a foundation of safety, and then helps you build the skills and confidence necessary for exploring backcountry on your own.

Toni - Guelph, ON, Canada.

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