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Available for both individuals and small groups, specializing in personal training and guiding.

Wilderness Emergency Survival

Fundamental and advanced knowledge and backcountry emergency skills

development for the modern day adventurer and wilderness explorer.

Wilderness Bushcraft Skills

Exploring creativity and resourcefulness to produce comfort and contentment in nature,
without having to rely on a backpack or canoe filled with an ever-growing amount of gear.

Wilderness Adventures

Spend some time in wild places.  Explore vast forests, big blue lakes and beautiful winding rivers
while traveling on foot or by canoe.  Journey into the birthing places of present day wilderness skills.

Outdoor Introduction Day

Not really sure what to chose?  Not ready to commit to a

multi day program or maybe a little hesitant to spend the

night out in the open?  This 1 day course is the perfect first

step and designed to give you a taste of the skills and

equipment used to get started.

Skill Development Focus

An in-depth study, focusing on one single topic out of a collection of skills

and designed to increase overall knowledge, understanding and proficiency.

Fire fundamentals and beyond.  A weekend course

dedicated to the most important and versatile bush

skill.  Explore the art of making, managing and

utilizing fire in the outdoors.

​​Dedicated to the tools of the trade, their safe use,

sharpening and overall maintenance to keep them

in optimal condition.  Take care of your tools and

they in return will take care of you.

Weekend workshop covering basic, multifunctional knots and cord management techniques for outdoor activities.  From setting up camps to keeping canoes on cars and more.


Coming soon.

First aid

Coming soon.

What friends are saying

We have know each other for a very long time and enjoyed many campfires but the way you taught me how to build and light a fire on our late fall canoe trip was a learning experience I've never had before. 

Tommy - Antwerp, Belgium.

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